People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe” ― Simon Sinek


New Marketing

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Significance over Dominance

65 years ago, the 4 P's of marketing were created. Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Decide what you're going to sell, how much you're going to sell it for, where it will be available - and then figure out how to attract people to buy it. Over time this has been adapted to include Point of Difference and Positioning.

In today's world, being top of mind is not a competitive advantage, but instead it's about being close to heart. Marketing is no longer tacked on the end, but it is built into what you do and why you do it. The new 4 P's of marketing -  Purpose (why you do it), People (who you serve), Personal (relevance and significance), Perception (what people believe about you).

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The Biology of Decision Making

Ask your customers why they shop with you and they will give any number of rationalisations. Best price, top quality, good customer service, convenience. It's how the brain is geared.

The truth is, our brains have evolved over millions of years. The limbic system is at the core of our brain (our chimp brain) which is responsible for our emotions and sense of belonging to our tribe, as well as decision making for survival. Then on the outside is the neocortex (our human brain) which is responsible for language, analysing and rationalising.

Our decisions come from the same place as our emotions. The only way we can communicate our reasoning is with language, which comes from the same place as rationalisations. They're not the same.

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Real Loyalty

There are two ways to motivate people - your customers, your staff, yourself. You can manipulate them, or you can inspire them.

Manipulations include cutting prices, building incentives, constant innovation. Manipulations work, but they're hard work. They make you reactive to your competitors and you must have a constant bag of tricks to rely on. Manipulations build repeat transactions, but they don't build loyalty.

Real loyalty comes from inspiring your customers. Showing them what you stand for, your vision and purpose and values. When these match the values of your customer, you will gain real loyalty - customers who stick with you through the hard times and who become your number one cheerleaders. It is a much better long term strategy for success.


“A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or another. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.” - Seth Godin


a tailored solution to make the most of your opportunities


A one-off consultation or ongoing marketing advice and inspiration through regular workshops and/or offsite management of marketing activities for your business.

Design, implementation, execution of ideas, liaising with stakeholders.

Small to Medium Sized Businesses
Farm Businesses
Start Ups
Health Care Services
Private Schools & Organisations

$80/hr - $120/hr

Marketing Check Up - Analysis of current marketing activities, measuring effectiveness, return on investment, and making adjustments where necessary.

Vision & Strategy Development - Marketing from the inside out. Developing a vision and destination for the business, a story that is told through marketing activities, and key value pillars used to connect with your customers.

Idea Generation - If you feel like your marketing is in a rut and are looking for fresh concepts to re-inspire your customers, a brainstorming session is just what you need to find a new direction. 

Competitive Analysis - A more modern approach to Positioning. What stories are your competitors telling, how can you appeal to a specific target market based on a your own unique purpose.

New Revenue Streams - An opportunity to investigate markets that are not currently being catered for, opening up precise ways to connect with them to build new revenue streams into your business.

Strategy & Planning - Marketing strategy, task planning, budgeting, calendar of communications, analysis and evaluation.

Advertising & Communications - Media selection, promotional concepts, integrated marketing campaigns and collaborations.

Event Marketing - Create a calendar of specific events to target.

Budgeting - Redistribute funds from ineffective marketing activities into more cost effective and meaningful solutions.

New Marketing Theory - Bring your marketing efforts into the 21st century using the latest concepts based on communication of purpose, connecting with people, personal relevance and perception or belief.

Brand Identity Development - Assistance with defining your brand, professional communication of your products and services through your logo, website and promotional materials.

Social Media Solutions - How to get the most out of social media, building your fan base and delivering content as added value to those engaged with your brand.

Creative Services - Copywriting, graphic design, video development, promotional execution, website assistance.

Database Management - Loyalty programs and direct mail campaigns based on relationship marketing and niche targeted communications.

Handling of Social Media & Interactive Communications  - Online marketing, Email Newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other emerging platforms. 

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